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Schiwanokia (Shiwanokia)
Zuni, USA

"Schiwanokia spuckte in die Hände und gebar daraus die Erdgöttin Awitelin Tsita. Sie symbolisiert die umfassende schöpferische Kraft der Frau. Von ihr können wir die Macht und den Gebrauch der Spucke lernen."

Luisa Francia, Eine Göttin für jeden Tag

Worship of the Earth Mother among the Zuñis of New Mexico

The Zuñis of New Mexico speak of the Earth Mother (Awitelin Tsita) as the source of all man's food, both vegetable and animal.12 In all the poetic conceptions of the Zunis one great object is said to be paramount, and that is food to support the life of man. Thus they pray, saying, “May the rain-makers water the Earth Mother that she may be made beautiful to look upon. May the rain-makers water the Earth Mother that she may become fruitful and give to her children and to all the world the fruits of her being, that we may have food in abundance. May the Sun Father embrace our Earth Mother that she may become fruitful, that food may be bountiful [plentiful], and that our children may live the span of life, not die, but sleep to awake with their gods.”


Of all the Pueblo tales of the origin of the universe the Zuñi account is the most interesting, for it alone displays some power of metaphysical conceptualization. "In the beginning Awonawilona with the Sun Father and the Moon Mother existed above, and Shiwanni and Shiwanokia, his wife, below (Shiwanni and Shiwanokia labored not with hands but with hearts and minds; the Rain Priests of the Zuñi are called Ashiwanni and the Priestess of Fecundity Shiwanokia.) All was shipololo (fog), rising like steam. With breath from his heart Awonawilona created clouds and the great waters of the world. (He-She is the blue vault of the firmament. The breath-clouds of the gods are tinted with the yellow of the north, the blue-green of the west, the red of the south, and the silver of the east of Awonawilona. The smoke clouds of white and black become a part of Awonawilona; they are himself, as he is the air itself; and when the air takes on the form of a bird it is but a part of himself — is himself. Through the light, clouds, and air he becomes the essence and creator of vegetation.). After Awonawilona created the clouds and the great waters of the world, Shiwanni said to Shiwanokia, `I, too, will make something beautiful, which will give light at night when the Moon Mother sleeps.' Spitting in the palm of his left hand, he patted the spittle with the palm of his right hand, and the spittle foamed like yucca suds and then formed into bubbles of many colors, which he blew upward; and thus he created the fixed stars and constellations. Then Shiwanokia said, `See what I can do,' and she spat into the palm of her left hand and slapped the saliva with the fingers of her right, and the spittle foamed like yucca suds, running over her hand and flowing everywhere; and thus she created Awitelin Tsita, the Earth Mother."

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